Columbo, Sri Lanka (Asia) for Digital Nomads

Colombo, Sri Lanka, is a perfect place to live and work as a digital nomad. It's the capital city of Sri Lanka and has been ranked as one of the top 10 cities in Asia. The Sri Lankan capital is well connected with all major airports in Asia, Europe, and the USA. Direct flights are available to Colombo from all major cities like London, Paris, Frankfurt, Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, and Delhi.

Colombo's excellent infrastructure includes an international airport with direct flights from India, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, etc. The city also has two seaports, Galle Road Jetty & Pettah Jetty, which have adequate facilities to handle cargo traffic.

It is also known for its beautiful beaches and lush green landscapes, which attract tourists from across the globe every year during the summer season. It also has many attractions, including ancient temples and mosques, famous beaches, botanical gardens, national parks, and historical monuments.

If you are planning to visit Colombo as a digital nomad any time soon, we have gathered a list of top places you must visit throughout your stay in the Sri Lankan national capital.

Places You Must Visit in Colombo, Sri Lanka

  • Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple

    Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple is one of the most famous temples in Colombo. This temple is located on the Mount Lavinia side of town, not far from the famous Fort Cornwallis. The temple has two main shrines and a host of smaller shrines throughout its grounds. It is said that Prince Dharmapala built Gangaramaya during his stay in Sri Lanka as a refuge for monks to escape political persecution. The sizeable sea-facing shrine is dedicated to Buddha, while the miniature shrine on top of the mountain is dedicated to King Valagamba and his wife, Udayi Wachirawardena.

  • Mount Lavinia Beach

    Mount Lavinia beach stretches from Galle Road to Natesan Mawatha in Colombo. This beautiful stretch of sand has become an important attraction for tourists who see the city's famous sunset views over Galle Harbor and nearby mountains. Mount Lavinia beach is home to some spectacular restaurants, cafes, and hotels along its length, making it an excellent place for families or couples seeking relaxation or entertainment after a busy day in Colombo.

  • Galle Face Green

    Galle Face Green is ample open space in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka. The green is between Connaught Place and the Galle Face Cliffs and is one of Colombo's most popular tourist destinations. On weekends and other holidays, the park is jam-packed with activities such as sports and music events, street food stalls, amusement rides, and more. The park also hosts a children's play area called "The Jungle."

  • Colombo National Museum

    The National Museum of Sri Lanka is located in Colombo near Galle Face Green. It houses many artifacts from ancient Sri Lanka and art from later times in history. The national museum also has an extensive collection of archaeological artifacts and artwork created by ancient and modern artists.

  • St Catherine‚Äôs Church Complex - Kotte

    The St Catherine's Church Complex was built by Dutch colonialists in 1827 when they ruled over Ceylon. The complex features two churches: St Catherine's Church and Trinity Church (which houses a statue of Jesus Christ). Both churches were built using bricks from Holland by the Dutch colonizers during the pre-colonial times.

Bottom Line

Colombo is located on a peninsula that juts out from the Indian Ocean into the Bay of Bengal. As the national capital city of Sri Lanka, it is also known as Kotte and is home to some of the breathtaking historical sites in Asia. The town is surrounded by mountains and lush green valleys, making for an idyllic setting for digital nomads who want to explore nature while still enjoying all that Colombo offers.

Colombo is known for its rich cultural heritage, which includes Buddhist temples, mosques, churches, and monuments from ancient times. It also boasts some stunning beaches, such as Hikkaduwa Beach and Bentota Beach. Colombo has become increasingly popular among digital nomads over the past few years due to its low cost of living compared with other Asian cities like Bangkok or Singapore.

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