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New Digital Nomads Need to Know About Long-term Traveling

There are a few things you should know before you set out on your long-term traveling adventures. Many of the things that work for short-term travels may not work so well for extended trips.

6 Apps You Need to Work While Being on the Road

Managing your projects while being on the road is one of the most challenging tasks. The key to success here is finding a balance between countless hours spent in coffee shops, fast food joints and libraries.
5 Podcasts from Expert Digital Nomads in 2021 to Learn From
Of course, the dream is not as rosy as it may first sound and you've got to learn how to…
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7 Important Apps for People Working from Home in 2021
Who are Digital Nomads? Digital nomadism is increasingly common due to the evolution of technology. There are online tools for…
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Digital Nomads and The Clients: How do they collaborate?
"TeamWork Makes the Dream Work" Well, not exactly, but with all the time zone differences, language barriers and general unfamiliarity…
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Working in Phuket: 5 Best Co-Working Spaces
There are several reasons why Phuket has become popular among digital nomads or people who work remotely via their laptops.…
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Tips for Digital Nomadship after lockdown
Post the COVID Lockdown, many digital nomads are finding themselves either stuck in one place or wishing to try their…
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5 Best Digital Nomad Groups to Join
Check out the most famous groups to meet the digital nomads: Digital Nomad Digital Nomad is a Reddit group that…
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Digital Nomads from Europe: 5 top picks
People who work online can live anywhere, but some places are more popular than others for digital nomads to live…
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Benefits of Sydney, Australia as a Global Destination for Digital Nomads
However, because of the inborn natural desire to travel and explore different parts of the world, the innovations and progress…
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Best Podcasts for Aspiring Digital Nomads in 2022
What are Digital Nomad Podcasts? Digital nomad, or location independent, podcasts typically discuss the topics that are relevant to people…
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