10 Best Cities of United States (US) for Digital Nomads in 2021

We are living in the 21st century so it is not surprising that most of us are looking for new ways to work. Even though you can find many jobs online, nowadays people also want to live their lives in a different way and change some aspects of where they live too. Many companies now offer remote positions which allow employees to work remotely from anywhere around the world.

Digital nomads are people who work remotely from different locations, usually while traveling. They use the internet to communicate with others and they can do their jobs without a physical presence in an office or cubicle. Digital nomads are becoming more popular lately as there is no need for them to stay at one place all day long under pressure of working somewhere else constantly.

Here are the 10 best cities for digital nomads in the United States.

  • Austin, Texas

    Austin is the capital of Texas and the second most populous state in America. It is one of the fastest growing cities in America which attracts many people due to its art, music, culture and relaxed lifestyle. The cost of living here is low compared to other big American cities while there are plenty of co-working spaces available for digital nomads who want to find a quiet place to work. There are also many great networking events for entrepreneurs, freelancers and business people who want to make some connections in their industry.

  • Portland , Oregon

    Another West-Coast city on our list is Portland which offers a very relaxed lifestyle when it comes to working online. The cost of living here is lower compared with other big cities in the U.S., while there are many co-working spaces available for digital nomads here too. There is also a good number of coffee shops and restaurants where you can enjoy your free time when not working on something productive.

  • Seattle, Washington

    The city has become very popular among those who want to work online as it offers many great co-working spaces and coffee shops with free Wi-Fi. The cost of living here is lower than in other big cities such as New York, where the same price gets you more space to live in Seattle while working.

  • New Orleans, Louisiana

    One of America’s most vibrant cities for digital nomads is New Orleans which offers a low cost of living, great weather and a surprisingly good number of co-working spaces. The city has been attracting many young professionals who enjoy the laid back lifestyle here while working remotely from home or different coffee shops around town.

  • Los Angeles , California

    This is one of America’s biggest cities where you can find your dream job as a digital nomad thanks to a fast growing startup scene. There are many co-working spaces across the city, while it is also easy to live here even on a small budget. Los Angeles has great weather compared to other big cities in America which can be important for digital nomads too.

  • Washington D.C.

    The capital of the United States offers a great number of co-working spaces for digital nomads who want to work from home or coffee shops around town. There are many networking events here, while the city is also a good place if you want to start your own business as there are plenty of startups and entrepreneurs working remotely here too.

  • New York City , New York

    This might be the most expensive city to live and work as a digital nomad in, but it still offers great opportunities. There are tons of co-working spaces here, while you can find almost anything you need no matter how small your budget is or what kind of lifestyle do you want – from luxury restaurants to cheap food carts around town.

  • San Diego, California

    This beautiful city on the West Coast is great for digital nomads who want to escape from cold weather or just enjoy a beach lifestyle. San Diego offers many co-working spaces, while there are also some good networking events here too if you’re looking to build new business connections. The cost of living here is reasonable compared with other big cities in America, while the weather is better than you might expect.

  • Houston , Texas

    As one of the biggest cities in America with a very diverse population, Houston offers plenty of digital nomad opportunities thanks to its fast growing startup scene and many co-working spaces around town. The cost of living here is lower compared with other big American cities, while the weather is great for those who don’t enjoy too much cold.

  • Miami , Florida

    This vibrant city on the East Coast offers a low cost of living as well as many co-working spaces and coffee shops with free Wi-Fi which makes it an attractive destination for digital nomads from all over the world. There are plenty networking events here too, while you can enjoy your free time in one of the local beaches while not working.

Bottom Line

These were just a few of the best U.S. cities for digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs to consider moving to which offer great opportunities while also having lower cost of living than other places in America or Europe.