6 World-Class Cafe in Prague You Just Can’t Say No to!

If there's one thing that the Czech Republic isn't short of, it's cafes. In fact, Prague is widely regarded as one of Europe’s top cities for coffee lovers and there are more than enough places to go where you can enjoy a good brew or two!
In this post we’ve compiled a list of six incredible cafes in Prague which make it almost impossible to say no, so why not start this afternoon?
  • Café Montmartre

    One name that will certainly be familiar to anyone who knows anything at all about the cafe scene in Prague is Café Montmartre! This institution has been serving up delicious food, great coffee and even better cakes for more than a century now which makes it an absolute must-visit.

  • Café Evropa

    Another name in the city that is known far & wide for its delicious coffee, great atmosphere and wonderful staff. This centrally located spot on Vitkov hill really does a fantastic job of pulling you from the bustle of the busy city streets outside to an oasis where you can enjoy your drink in peace before heading back out to explore some more!

  • Kavarna Lucerna

    Kavarna Lucerna is a little bit out of the way from all the tourists spots but if you manage to find it, your reward will be some truly fantastic coffee! This cafe has been here since before the Velvet Revolution and they’re still going strong today with their delicious cakes & drinks plus an impressive wine list.

  • Narodni Kavarna

    Narodni Kavarna is the go-to spot for those who want to step back in time. This cafe is actually housed inside a beautiful art nouveau building! It’s got an incredible atmosphere, fantastic coffee & cake as well as some of the most attentive staff you’re likely to find anywhere in the city.

  • Café Imperial

    Another centrally located cafe that is well worth a visit. A little more pricey than some of the others but it’s got an incredible atmosphere, fantastic service & delicious food to go with its wide variety of coffees and teas plus they’ve even got specially selected wines by the glass!

  • Grand Orient Café

    Grand Orient Café is a great spot to stop off for lunch and it’s got some of the best coffee in Prague too. Located just outside Old Town Square, this place has been around since before WWII so you know they’ve got to be doing something right! It’s especially popular with those who work nearby as well as students from Charles University but anyone can appreciate the great atmosphere, friendly staff and wonderful food.

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