Top 3 Museums in Lisbon You Just Can’t Skip!

Portugal is a country that has a lot to offer, but you should definitely check out the best museums in Lisbon while visiting. Museums are where history comes alive and can give you an even greater appreciation for the culture of Portugal by giving you insight into their past. Here are some great places to discover amazing pieces of Portuguese art!
  • Museu do Oriente

    Museu do Oriente is one of the best museums in Lisbon. It is dedicated to Asian culture and has over 200,000 artifacts that tell stories about Portugal’s rich history with Asia. The museum was originally built as a pavilion for Expo 98 but it became so popular that they decided to keep it open after the exhibition ended! Many of their exhibits are interactive which means visitors can really engage with the museum and culture.

  • Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

    This is a name that you should know! Calouste Gulbenkian was an Armenian businessman who helped to develop the oil industry in the Ottoman Empire. He fell in love with Portugal and decided to make it his home because he believed that Lisbon could become a great cultural center of Europe one day.

    Gulbenkian Museum is filled with amazing pieces from ancient Greece, Rome, and Asia. You can see pieces from ancient Mesopotamia as well as the Far East which give you a great look at how civilizations have changed over time. There is also an amazing array of Islamic art that dates back to the 12th century!

    One thing we really love about this museum is that they often change their exhibits. That means that you can always come back and experience something new!

  • Berardo Museum

    Berardo Museum is also dedicated to art and has over 1300 works on display. This collection was originally started by José Berardo, who began buying pieces of contemporary Portuguese artists in the 1950s-1960s.

    The museum’s exhibits are split into two parts: one for major modern art movements like surrealism, cubism, expressionism etc., and another which displays the works that Berardo collected over his lifetime.

    Berardo Museum is a great place to go if you want to see beautiful pieces of modern art in Portugal! There are also amazing rotating exhibits which means there’s always something new and exciting for visitors.

Final Words

What’s better than a hot cup of coffee, beautiful Portuguese museums, and digital nomadship? Absolutely nothing! We hope that this blog has inspired you to visit the three best museums in Lisbon next time you’re on vacation.

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