Working in Phuket: 5 Best Co-Working Spaces

Phuket is a name that often comes up in the headlines as a place to visit for its beaches, resorts and nightlife. But it is also gaining attention now as an attractive co-working space destination.

There are several reasons why Phuket has become popular among digital nomads or people who work remotely via their laptops. The island’s tropical weather and laid back lifestyle is considered ideal for working. The rich food and interesting culture also attracts many to stay here longer than usual.

The thriving digital nomad community in Phuket has led to the establishment of co-working spaces that offer a more permanent base for work with amenities such as comfortable seating, desks with plugs and high speed internet access that is often faster than at hotels and cafes.

The following are the five best co-working spaces in Phuket: Open plan office with comfortable chairs, white boards and a big screen for presentations The cosy atmosphere of this space makes it feel like home away from home.

  • Hatch

    Hatch is a well-designed co-working space that has all the amenities of a typical office. It comes with fast internet, comfortable seating and ergonomic chairs, white boards for brainstorming sessions and even projectors so you can share your work to others.

    The spacious area is separated into different rooms like meeting room or private offices if you need more privacy while working. Hatch also has a small kitchen and self-service pantry for private sessions with snacks, drinks and more.

  • CocoWorking Space

    CocoWorking Space is a cosy place that offers co-working and private office spaces for rent. It has several rooms with different seating arrangements, from couches and beanbags to individual desks and tables.

    The space is designed to create an atmosphere suitable for working: soft lighting, good ventilation and comfortable chairs. It also has fast internet, along with other amenities like printers and scanners.

  • Garage Society

    Garage Society is a co-working space that offers both private and shared offices. It has all the standard office amenities such as high speed internet, lockers for storage and printers/scanners.

    The main highlight of Garage Society is its design which was inspired by modern workplaces in Silicon Valley . The open plan area with large tables make it suitable for multiple people to work together.

    There’s also a fully equipped kitchen and pantry for the use of members, along with free coffee and tea all day long. Other amenities include meeting rooms, conference call facilities and even massages!

  • Bayaco

    Bayaco is another co-working space with lots of natural light and ventilation which makes it feel fresh. It has a comfortable lounge area for you to take breaks whenever necessary, as well as high speed internet throughout the entire building.

    The design is very open plan so you can interact with other members easily whether they are working or just hanging out in the common space. There’s a meeting room that can be used for group discussions or presentations, and a small kitchen with free coffee and tea all day long.

  • Regus

    Regus is another business centre with a more traditional office design. If you need a place where your business associates feel at home while working, this is it!

    The space has all the amenities of an upscale co-working area: fast internet, multiple meeting rooms and even a gym on site for members to use whenever they want. The best thing about Regus is the availability of dedicated desks for those who need to work from a fixed location.

Final Words

In a city like Phuket which is known for its beaches and tourist attractions, it isn’t easy to find a co-working space that’s conducive for work. Fortunately, the five best spaces described in this article offer an ideal environment for digital nomads who want to focus on their work while staying in Phuket.

What else do you need to get started with working in Phuket?

The answer is simple. A virtual desktop solution.

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