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5 Best Digital Nomad Groups to Join

Digital Nomadism is about exploring your favorite part of the world with complete flexibility and freedom. If you are a person who is crazy about solo traveling, a digital nomad is precisely the kind of life you want to lead. With flexibility and alluring freedom on their digital nomadic pursuit, there are chances that solo travelers and digital nomads feel isolated, homesick, or lonely. To avoid this, digital nomads can meet and socialize with fellow nomads with similar professions and interests. But where to meet fellow digital nomads? There are several community groups on search engines and social media platforms like Facebook and Reddit that enable digital nomads to connect with other people where they are located. Leave a comment

Digital Nomads from Europe: 5 top picks

Being a digital nomad means taking your computer and going to work from different parts of the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Usually you can work as location independent as long as your computer is charged. Sometimes being a digital nomad also includes travelling from place to place until you feel satisfied with one location or another location becomes a better pick in terms of living cost or internet connection. Leave a comment

Where to Meet Fellow Digital Nomads?

Sure, digital nomadism is about individually working location-independently, but digital nomads will likely start feeling lonely; therefore, digital nomads will socialize with fellow nomads. Meeting new people can build your confidence, shape your life and career with new ideas, and build your social sphere. But, where to find fellow nomads, and how?

You can find and interact with social nomads and other people with similar interests at the following places: 2 responses

4 Major Takeaways for Digital Nomads from 2020

We are living in an era of unprecedented change and opportunity. As a result, many people are increasingly finding it more appealing to subvert the traditional norms by embracing nomadic lifestyles. This applies not only to the younger crowds but also to older demographics who have mostly spent their lives building stable careers and families in one location.

The year 2020 gave us a glimpse of the future, and here are some things we can take away from their nomadic perspective and apply to our own lives: 4 responses

Become an International Digital Nomad: All You Need in 2021

Digital nomads are people like you and me, but with a difference. They have decided to live an on-the-move lifestyle, and the only things that hold them back from doing so are visas and finances. If these are not stopping you from becoming one of them, read ahead because we've got your checklist for this in 2021.

Becoming an international digital nomad and working on your laptop from exotic places is a very attractive idea. The internet makes it possible, but you can't just become one without fulfilling formalities and making sacrifices.

Here is your guide international digital nomad in 2021 3 responses

4 Digital Nomads You Should Know About Right Now!

Did you ever think of quitting your job and become a digital nomad? You are not the only one. Digital nomads, that is, people who work remotely by using modern technology to find jobs all around the globe, have been on the rise since last years. And though some still seem to think of it as an odd concept, more and more people are actually doing it with success.

The number of digital nomads is increasing rapidly, and there are people living this lifestyle all across the globe. And with the definition constantly evolving thanks to the new technology, what we once knew as strictly "digital" work can now include anything from writing for a blog to guiding tourists on a Segway tour. The point is that if you work online and can manage your business from any place with an internet connection, you are a digital nomad.

Here are four digital nomads you should know about and learn from in 2021: 2 responses