2022 Digital Nomad Podcast to Transform Remote Work in Abroad

In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, the remote work trends have gained significant importance. Working remotely, away from brick and mortar offices has delivered meaningful results for both, employees and employers. Employees experience the flexibility of working from location-independent places, which leads to better work-life balance, increased productivity, and reduced traveling expenses. On the other hand, employers can evade the responsibility to update the existing computer hardware, avoid office rent, etc.

Although digital nomadism was already gaining momentum, the longevity of pandemic and lockdown remote work boosted this practice. Today, more and more individuals are undertaking digital nomadism. While some visit local places, some explore international destinations while working remotely.

Following are the digital nomad podcasts that can help digital nomads transform remote work in abroad:

  • Badass Digital Nomads

    The show airs every week on Tuesday, 12 PM EST. The host ‘Kristin Wilson’ conducts the podcast to entertain and educate listeners on how to successfully become a digital nomad in abroad. Each episode features new digital nomad guests. In the show, the two talk about their digital nomadic experience and their journey of transition from office to a nomad.

  • Become Nomad

    Become Nomad is the ultimate digital nomad podcast for beginners as well as seasoned nomads. The hosts discuss about crucial decisions that guest digital nomads made in their digital nomadic pursuit. The podcasts can also be read and referred to in future, as the information is available in books and on websites.

  • Digital Nomad Café

    The podcast features new episodes weekly with different guests in each episode. The podcast channel focuses on important decisions such as tricks to successfully run your own business, how to be a proficient digital nomad, and so much more. It is a must-listen podcast channel for freelancers, remote workers, local digital nomads, international digital nomads, etc.

  • As Told By Nomads

    As Told By Nomads in a unique podcasts for individuals who wish to become inclusive and global leaders in their respective fields. Each episode features a new guest who talks about being a fearless cross-cultural worker, digital nomad tips, and so much more. The podcasts will help listeners become the best version of themselves as digital nomads, and explore the world of inclusive digital nomadism.

  • Nomad Together

    The Nomad Together Podcast features interviews with nomads and location independent entrepreneurs about how they make the dream of location independence a reality. It’s a great podcast if you are looking for inspiration and motivation to make the first step.

Final Words

The list of digital nomad podcasts is pretty long. The above mentioned podcasts are the top podcasts that can help digital nomads in upgrading and improving their digital nomadic pursuit.

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