5 Podcasts from Expert Digital Nomads in 2021 to Learn From

Digital nomadism is the new big thing. People from all around the world are breaking free from their regular 9-5 jobs and set out to become a digital nomad.

A digital nomad is a location independent worker, who uses technology to perform work tasks while travelling the world. Sounds great, doesn't it? The best part being that you can live an absolutely different lifestyle with no commitments or ties.

Of course, the dream is not as rosy as it may first sound and you’ve got to learn how to become a digital nomad before just booking that one-way ticket to paradise. This article features 5 of the best podcasts from expert digital nomads , who give advice on how to live such a lifestyle.

  • Nomadtopia Radio

    Nomadtopia is one of the most well-known podcast about digital nomadism and location independence. You will find interviews with top notch travel hackers, entrepreneurs and other bloggers on Nomadtopia Radio.

    Nomadtopia has been featured in Forbes , The Next Web and Business Insider. In this weekly podcast you find advice from experienced nomads as well as discussions on various topics, such as the best countries for digital nomads, how to make money when you’re location independent and much more.

  • Keep Your Daydream

    Tiffany Saylor and Anne Wayman produce Keep Your Daydream, a weekly podcast on how to make your dreams a reality. They interview top notch location independent entrepreneurs and offer practical advice on how to work remotely.

    It’s truly inspiring to listen to real people who have managed to turn their dreams into reality. You can subscribe for free on iTunes.

  • The Freelancer Podcast

    The Free lancer Podcast is a show about freelancing. The podcast features tips from freelance writers, designers , virtual assistants and other freelancers to help you with your own business or improve on the way you currently work as a freelancer.

    It’s a great source of inspiration if you’re thinking about starting out as a digital nomad yourself. You will find advice on how to find your first client, how to deal with clients and work based on feedback.

  • Become Nomad

    Becoming Nomad is another popular podcast on digital nomadism. It offers how-to guides, interviews with other digital nomads and inspiration for your journey.

    Similar to Nomadtopia Radio you will find discussion on topics such as finding cheap flights or where to stay in certain destinations. You can subscribe for free on iTunes.

  • The Nomad Together Podcast

    The Nomad Together Podcast features interviews with nomads and location independent entrepreneurs about how they make the dream of location independence a reality. It’s a great podcast if you are looking for inspiration and motivation to make the first step.

Final Words

Digital nomadism is a lifestyle that offers an absolutely different perspective on the world. You can work from anywhere and decide, where you go next.

It’s not all easy though; there are challenges every step of the way. That’s why it makes sense to listen to podcasts by digital nomads like Nomadtopia Radio , Keep Your Daydream, The Freelancer Podcast, Become Nomad and the Nomad Together Podcast.

If you’re just starting out or already on your journey – these 5 podcasts will give you advice about how to make it work. Use them as knowledge, but don’t copy their every step without thinking why they do what they do.