The Best of 2022: Digital Nomad Podcasts that Had Us Hooked

We've had the best time keeping up with digital nomad podcasts this past year, and we can't wait to hear what the New Year has in store. We've rounded up some of our favorite podcasts from 2022, and we think you'll be just as hooked on them as we were.

But Why Podcasts for Digital Nomads?

Digital nomad podcasts provide valuable insights and stories from experienced digital nomads that can help inspire, educate and equip you to take the plunge yourself. They often cover topics like how to get started as a digital nomad, advice on living abroad, finding remote work opportunities, interviews with digital nomadic professionals and entrepreneurs, lifestyle tips, and more.

Our Top Picks for Digital Nomad Podcasts of 2022

  • That Remote Life

    A famous name that's been around since the beginning, That Remote Life is a podcast hosted by one of the expert voices in the nomadic sphere, Mitchell Hudson. He interviews digital nomads, entrepreneurs and location independent professionals from all over the world to discuss their experiences.

  • The Location Indie Mindset Podcast

    The Location Indie Mindset Podcast is hosted by AJ Leon, founder of Misfit, Inc., a global movement for extraordinary life design. In this podcast, AJ dives into interviews with digital nomads and entrepreneurs to uncover the mindset behind success in location independent living.

  • The Nomad Together Podcast with Paul and Becky Kortman

    Becky and Paul Kortman are veteran digital nomads and the hosts of The Nomad Together Podcast. This podcast offers practical tips, advice, and inspiring stories from life on the road. It also explores different locations around the world, as well as how to make a living while travelling.

  • The Chris The Freelancer Podcast with Chris Dodd

    With a focus on freelancing and the digital nomad life, Chris Dodd's podcast is an excellent resource for those new to remote work. It features interviews with entrepreneurs, digital nomads and other freelancers who share their experiences, tips and stories that can help others in their own journey.

  • Become Nomad with Eli David

    The Become Nomad podcast with Eli David is a great resource for those looking to learn more about the digital nomad lifestyle. Each episode features interviews with experienced digital nomads and entrepreneurs who offer perspective, advice and tips on how they made it work..

Where Can You Find These Digital Nomad Podcasts?

All of the podcasts mentioned above can be found on the major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. So, what are you waiting for? Tune in and get inspired to become a digital nomad this upcoming year!

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The best digital nomad podcasts of 2022 have something for everyone, from inspiring stories to practical tips and advice. This year is sure to be filled with plenty of content that will help you take the plunge into your own digital nomadic adventure. Whether you're brand new to the concept or already experienced in this lifestyle, these digital nomad podcasts are worth checking out. So, be sure to tune in and get inspired for your journey this upcoming year!

Learn more about the digital nomad life and stay up to date on the best digital nomad podcasts of 2022. Happy listening!