Best Podcasts for Aspiring Digital Nomads in 2022

Podcasts are a great way to beat boredom, learn something new, and improve your life. In fact, they're so popular that there are dedicated podcasts about podcasts.

What are Digital Nomad Podcasts?

Digital nomad, or location independent, podcasts typically discuss the topics that are relevant to people who work remotely from a laptop.

Digital nomads work in co-working spaces, coffee shops, and apartments all over the world. They specialize in different things but they can usually be classified as entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers/developers/writers etc., or they’re building a business of their own.

To help you find the right podcast for you , this article breaks down some of the best podcasts for aspiring digital nomads in 2022.

  • Zero to Travel Podcast

    For new and aspiring digital nomads, a great podcast to listen to is the Zero to Travel Podcast. This show discusses a lot of the basics, such as how to find your first client, build a website from scratch for cheap, and other common issues that new digital nomads face .

  • Nomad Together Podcast

    NomadTogether is another excellent choice for people who are new to the lifestyle. This podcast discusses remote work, travel, and entrepreneurship by interviewing nomads about their lives. Nomad interviews are typically in-depth and cover everything from how to get started to specific examples of remote work projects that the host has worked on.

  • Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

    In the world of nomad podcasts the Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast is actually one of the oldest, having been around since 2008. While there are a few older episodes that discuss topics that may not be relevant today (such as how to use Myspace), the general theme of this podcast remains congruent throughout its life and can offer a lot of inspiration for people who are new to the nomad lifestyle.

  • The World Nomads Podcast

    This one is definitely more of an inspiration podcast rather than one which discusses the nitty-gritty of becoming a digital nomad. However, it is still great for people who are new to this lifestyle because it talks about some topics that will be relevant later on (such as finding co-working spaces or using tax havens). The World Nomads Podcasts also offers advice on saving money and living well while traveling, two topics which will be relevant throughout your career as a digital nomad.

  • Location Indie Podcast

    Location Indie is another excellent option for people who are just starting their nomadic journey. This podcast discusses the location independent lifestyle through interviews with successful digital nomads, along with tips and tricks on how to become a digital nomad yourself.

Final Words

In the world of podcasts, there are really no bad options. However, the above five podcasts are some of the best for aspiring digital nomads in 2022. If you’re new to this lifestyle they might offer a lot of inspiration and practical advice on how to become location independent yourself.

How to Work While Being on the Road?

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