Solo Digital Nomads: 5 Best Podcasts for Travelers

If there is one thing a digital nomad is pretty good at, it's listening to podcasts. They are, after all, long time travelers who spend much of their time alone in hostels or lonely hotel rooms (or the very limited company of other nomadic travelers).

A great podcast can make any solo traveler feel like they aren't really alone—that somebody out there understands where they are, what they're doing and why. And if you can find somebody whose outlook on life resonates with yours (or who simply makes you laugh), it's sort of like having a friend all the time no matter how far away they may be.

With that in mind, here are some great digital nomad podcasts to enjoy on your laptop, phone or wherever you take your podcasts:

  • Oh My! Travel Podcast

    Hosted by Jeanine Romo, Oh My! is a laidback podcast for nomads by nomads. Jeanine started the podcast with her husband, who also happens to be her cohost y ou can tell that they are very much in love—and not just travel-in-love either. They share their thoughts on what it means to be a digital nomad and how to work on the road, but they also share their thoughts about what it means to be in love with someone who is your soulmate.

    It’s a relatively new podcast (it was started early last year) so Jeanine and her husband are just sort of feeling things out as they go along, which ends up being really refreshing. They don’t take themselves too seriously, which makes you feel like you can relax, be yourself and just enjoy the ride.

  • Solo Female | Divine On The Road

    Solo Female is another newer digital nomad podcast that’s trying to figure things out as we go along. Fortunately, so far so good.

    Divine On The Road is hosted by the New Zealand-based Divine Torzillo who has been traveling around the world solo since 2013 and blogging about it for almost as long. She’s a little bit more serious than Jeanine and her husband, but also more down-to-earth. Torzillo is one of the only solo female podcasters I know of which is something that deserves to be highlighted in itself because it’s not easy for women to travel alone. She has some great tips on budgeting, working online, traveling with pets (if you have one) and how to start your own business.

  • TravelThemeParkHipster

    A name that’s sure to give your friends a chuckle, Travel Theme Park Hipster is hosted by two Americans—Jian and Carlos—who travel around Asia while sharing their thoughts on living the good life. They are grossly unprofessional (they sometimes record outside in the background of other podcasts), but that’s why I like them. They’re like your crazy friends in the pub who have some thoughts on how to live, but you can tell they’re not really in it for anything but having fun.

  • Life of Vagabond Podcast

    LOV is a bit more serious than most digital nomad podcasts, but that’s part of what I like about it. The host, Benjamin Hardy, is a former financial analyst who has been on the road since 2012. He’s written two bestsellers, made more money than he ever did working in an office and has expanded his horizons to include writing, blogging, podcasting and video making (his YouTube channel is worth checking out too).

    The Life of Vagabond Podcast covers many of the same things that other digital nomad podcasts talk about (budgeting, working online, traveling with pets) but there’s always something interesting to learn. Hardy speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and has taken his podcast to countries like China, Thailand and Malaysia where he goes into more depth on how living in Asia is different than what Westerners are used to. He doesn’t sugar-coat things, but he does try to help others understand how Asia works and what digital nomads should avoid.

  • Go Solo Live

    Go Solo Live is a digital nomad podcast that’s hosted by Airbnb expert and founder of the independent travel blog The Amateur Traveler, Chris Backe. What I like about this podcast is how it goes into good, practical tips on every aspect of traveling independently (for both short-term and long-term travelers).

    Backe’s podcasts are typically interviews—with people like world traveler and entrepreneur Mike Spencer Bown and Johnny Jet, founder of who talks about how he travels with medical equipment—but the host knows what he’s talking about when it comes to traveling independently.


Getting started with your own digital nomad journey is both exciting and intimidating, which is why it’s nice to be able to get advice straight from the people who’ve done it already. Good luck out there!

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