Top Digital Nomad Podcasts You Have to Listen to This Year

Being an avid digital nomad follower, I have immense love and admiration for everything that digital nomads do. You might think I’m a freak, but I prefer listening to digital nomad podcasts over music, any day. Here’s a list of the latest and my favorite digital nomad podcasts that I can listen to on-repeat.
  • Become Nomad

    “Become Nomad” is one of the most famous and entertaining podcasts of all time. It is run by Eli, who is an enthusiast digital nomad himself. In the podcast, you get imparted information on how you can successfully lead a digital nomad’s life.

  • Chris The Freelancer

    ‘Chris the Freelancer’ is another famous podcast amongst the digital nomad community. Many established and successful digital nomads look up to Chris even today! In his podcast, Chris interviews other successful digital nomads who gave up their 9-5 jobs and went on to become successful digital nomads.

  • Ditching 9 to 5

    Just like the label suggests, the “Ditching 9 to 5” podcast is for people who wish to break the shackles of a 9 to 5 job and start a new career being a digital nomad. Dan and Ben are the two founders of the podcast in which they interview digital nomads, learning about their experience, journey, etc.

  • Freedom Lovin

    It is another entertaining digital nomad podcast for people who wish to break the pattern of a 9 to 5 job and begin living the life of a digital nomad. The host of ”Freedom Lovin,” Kevin, helps the audience by guiding them with ways and strategies to set foot in the location-independent field. Personally, it is a show that is totally worth the time.

  • Nomadtopia Radio

    Nomadtopia is an excellent digital nomad blog channel as well as a podcast. Amy, the host, talks about her experiences as a seasoned nomad in the weekly show. She is now a successful entrepreneur. In her interviews with nomadic people, you will learn different ways how you can explore the world and live and work on your own terms.

Bottom Line

These were the handpicked digital nomad podcasts that you can listen to, especially if you want to start living a location-independent, digital nomadic life. Learn more about digital nomads and the best destinations for global digital nomads with IsItUseful.

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