Where to Listen Top Digital Nomad Podcasts?

Remote work has led to the rise of a new profession; digital nomad. The total number of digital nomads in the world has risen to 35 million. The number is expected to explode in the coming years. Thanks to the remote work culture, more and more youngsters are finding this profession lucrative and are attracted towards it.

Digital nomad podcasts can be a great medium of educating budding and inexperienced digital nomads. They can know what exactly digital nomad is, what are the associated challenges, and the perks of becoming a digital nomad!

If you are looking for good digital nomad podcasts, you can pick any of the below listed channels and platforms. The list has been compiled based on analytical surveys.

  • Spotify

    Spotify is a global platform with a huge customer base. There are millions of songs and podcasts available on Spotify. Plus, even if you don’t have a premium Spotify subscription, you can still listen to top digital nomad podcasts for free.

  • YouTube

    YouTube is another platform where you can find thousands of digital nomad podcast channels. By subscribing to the podcast channels, you can get latest updates on new videos by mail and notifications. The top digital nomad podcast channels on YouTube are PsychoTraveller, Nomad Capitalist, Joanna Yung, and Ben Brown.

  • SoundCloud

    SoundCloud fans know the quality and range of music tracks and podcasts. It is one of the largest community of RJs, bands, audio creators, and artists, with over 265 million (and counting) audio files. Top digital nomad podcasts on SoundCloud are Chris The Freelancer, Traveling with Kristin, The Path, etc.

  • Amazon Music

    Next on the list is Amazon Music. Amazon Music also holds a very wide variety of digital nomad podcasts and audio tracks. My personal favorite amongst them all is Badass Digital Nomads. From 15 min podcasts to 1-hour long podcasts, you can get your hands on so many digital nomad podcasts.

  • PodchaserMusic

    Podcasher can also be a great platform for listening to interesting and exciting digital nomad podcasts. It offers several playlists that you can choose depending upon your mood and interests. The favorite choices on Podchaser are Living Unconventionally, DNX – Digital Nomad Podcast with Silvia Christmann, The RV Entrepreneur, and Running Remote.

Wrapping It Up

Digital nomad Podcasts are a great way of learning about digital nomad lifestyle, tips for a successful venture, things to keep in mind, what to do at a nomad location, etc.

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