Creating Connections with Digital Nomads

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of a digital nomad is coworking spaces and cafes, but why do they love working in those two places so much?

People say the nomads work hard and play harder (I think this phrase should be passed on as it doesn't make any sense), especially if they are taking the first flight out of wherever they are to the next place every day, but I don't know many digital nomads that actually party hard unless you hang out with them on a weekend. They like to build relationships and get to know more people in their city (or country), especially if they will stay around for more than just a couple months.

Following are the ways of creating connections with digital nomads:


    Meet me is a chat app that lets you connect with nearby users and share a common interest, over 100 million people are already on the platform.


    NOMADBASE is a communication tool that reveals which city other nomads are based in. It uses location updates from Facebook, Twitter, and Swarm.


    Find a Nomad is a discovery tool that allows you to see where your fellow friends and digital nomads are right now and where they’re planning to go on their next trip. It allows you to catch up with your friends in person.


    Use the Nomad Projects platform to find a partner who complements your skills and will help turn your idea into a reality. This platform can be beneficial when you need help on your next project


    Tinder is a dating platform that operates your location and has a nifty “left/right swipe” feature. It allows you to quickly connect with other users who similarly like the look of you.


    Getting into a romantic connection as a digital nomad can be challenging since you’re traveling to a different city or place (technically, all the time). Nomad Soulmates is a dating app created especially for those enjoying the remote lifestyle.

Summarizing it Up

Digital nomads can use the above mentioned applications to meet fellow nomads. Meeting the fellow digital nomads can not only overcome loneliness and boredom, it can also be a very educating experience for digital nomads.

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