The Dark Side of Digital Nomadism

To many, digital nomadism may seem all fun & games from the outside. Exotic location, crazy weather, mouth-watering food snaps, etc., can attract a lot of remote working professionals into digital nomadism, but everything is not hunky-dory in the life of a digital nomad. Sure, all this is quite exciting in a nomad’s life, but it is only the half picture of the story.

The following are the challenges digital nomads faces, the emotional pitfalls, and the social sacrifices that is generally not talked about.

  • Unstable Income

    Most digital nomads rely on freelancing and other gig opportunities. These sources of income are very unpredictable. At one point, a digital nomad might be earning well, but on other days he might not be able to find real work. This is one of the biggest problems in the life of a digital nomad. Unstable income in a foreign land can be very challenging.

  • Bureaucracy

    It’s challenging, and even impossible sometimes, for government authorities to monitor digital nomadic online jobs. However, to avoid trouble, you have to make sure you have working permission in the country you are traveling to. Moreover, getting the correct visa is also not always the easiest thing.

  • No Social Life

    Another major disadvantage of being a digital nomad is that you don’t get to see your friends and family for a long time. There can be days when you miss your family, which is not a very great feeling. As a digital nomad, you might miss out on important events like family weddings, birthdays because it is practically impossible to come back home on every occasion. Of course, you can still call and FaceTime them. But it’s still nothing compared to being there and hugging them.

  • Other Daily Challenges

    Although the traveling part sounds fantastic, there are also many challenges this lifestyle brings. How about food poisoning or linguistic barriers? Lost ticket or skipped flight? There are many small wrangles that you will experience as a digital nomad every day. These things can be very frustrating, time-consuming, or costly.

  • No Fixed Places

    Having no brick-and-mortar office or fully equipped office can significantly benefit digital nomads. But on the other hand, there are many downsides to it. Sure, the image of lying by the beach all day with your laptop seems to be heavenly. But after a while, your back might begin to get sore. The internet connections might also be terrible at some remote places, which can be a significant drawback. These small things can soon become very frustrating and can significantly impact the overall digital nomad experience.

Final Words

The points mentioned above are the major drawbacks to being a digital nomad. Any person willing to enter this arena must be aware of these disadvantages.

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