Why Digital Nomads Love to Work Out of Cafes?

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of a digital nomad is coworking spaces and cafes, but why do they love working in those two places so much?

People say the nomads work hard and play harder (I think this phrase should be passed on as it doesn't make any sense), especially if they are taking the first flight out of wherever they are to the next place every day, but I don't know many digital nomads that actually party hard unless you hang out with them on a weekend. They like to build relationships and get to know more people in their city (or country), especially if they will stay around for more than just a couple months.

Only then can they really get the most out of their stay.

  • Coworking spaces

    These are great if you want to work alongside other nomads, so you can motivate each other, discuss about tools and share ideas. Usually there’s wifi (or at least stable ethernet cabling that you can hook up your own laptop to), tables with power outlets, printers, scanners and sometimes snacks.

    You can also attend any event that they have in the calendar to meet new people or see your friends during the day. Plus, these places are usually close to cafes so you can work in one place for a couple of hours before heading out with your laptop to get coffee at another spot nearby.

  • Cafes

    These are a much must if you want to really dig deep into work and don’t want any distractions. Sometimes unlimited coffee is included in your daily rate but even if it isn’t, I find that one cup of coffee turns into three or four when you’re working from a cafe as the time flies by. Plus, there’s the atmosphere – dining room vibes – and this makes all the difference.

    The digital nomads we’ve met prefer to go for cafes that aren’t too crowded (so they can spread out their stuff) and with good wifi (usually free or you pay per hour like at Starbucks) as well as power outlets, so they don’t have to run around looking for them. This makes your life a lot easier!

  • Coffee shops

    Of course, these are the most common of all. There are plenty of them around in each city and they usually have wifi, but it’s not stable enough to actually get anything done. The outlets are also really easy to find so you can run your laptop until the battery is finished while sipping away at your latte or cappuccino.

    These places are usually decorated with comfy couches and big tables, so you can always find one to yourself even if it’s packed. Sometimes they have outlets under the table which makes all the difference! They also sometimes play music, which although I like at times, others prefer the noise-free atmosphere that cafes provide.

  • Local cafes

    These are the best in most cases. They usually don’t have wifi, but if you’re used to working without it (I’m not) or you just need to take care of something really fast (like uploading some files), they are great for this.

    The quality of coffee is better than in big chains like Starbucks and they often have a more local feel, plus they’re cheaper!

  • Markets

    That’s right, the fresh food markets that are usually around where you live. They’re packed during the day with people buying fruits and vegetables as well as clothes (usually vintage, which is awesome if you’re into this), jewelry and other stuff.

    They also have booths where they sell coffee or tea, which are much cheaper than in cafes and that you can enjoy standing up. Plus, the atmosphere is unique!

  • Libraries

    If you look hard enough, most countries have public libraries with free wifi to use for a couple of hours after providing proof of residence. This might be an option if you’re not a coffee lover, but still want something to drink besides water.

Summarizing it Up

The six places above are those I’ve been using the most during my travels and they all have their benefits. You can really get a lot done from any one of these and having different options to choose from makes all the difference, just like with housing.

Of course, if you’re not into working, then this doesn’t matter at all! But if you are, then these places are a must!

Do you have any favorite cafes or coffee shops in your city? Have you ever worked from markets or libraries instead of cafes? Do you prefer to work at home or do you go out to work every day? Share your thoughts with us now.