5 Best Digital Nomad Groups to Join

Digital Nomadism is about exploring your favorite part of the world with complete flexibility and freedom. If you are a person who is crazy about solo traveling, a digital nomad is precisely the kind of life you want to lead. With flexibility and alluring freedom on their digital nomadic pursuit, there are chances that solo travelers and digital nomads feel isolated, homesick, or lonely. To avoid this, digital nomads can meet and socialize with fellow nomads with similar professions and interests. But where to meet fellow digital nomads? There are several community groups on search engines and social media platforms like Facebook and Reddit that enable digital nomads to connect with other people where they are located.

Check out the most famous groups to meet the digital nomads:

  • Digital Nomad

    Digital Nomad is a Reddit group that enables people who enjoy working from location-independent places to connect with millions of people around the globe. It helps people to connect with other nomads that are based at similar locations to meet and share their nomadic experiences.

  • Beermoney

    This Reddit community is one of the top-ranked platforms where you can interact with potential digital nomad service providers for earning money online. It is a platform to learn information on small to medium earning tasks since it is a community where you can find the information that can help you do some extra errands in your digital nomad pursuit.

  • Living the Laptop Life

    Living the laptop is one of the most famous Facebook groups for digital nomads and other seasoned solo travelers. It is a mixed group for remote workers to share personal experiences, offer help or support, and search for any information that can be helpful to travelers.

  • Digital Nomads Around the World

    Next on the list is another very famous Facebook digital nomad group named ‘Digital Nomads Around the World.’ The group has over 1.5 lakh active users and is a one-stop solution to discuss digital nomad ideas and queries. It helps aspiring entrepreneurs, overworked executives to live a flexible and independent choice life as a digital nomad.

  • Digital Nomads Hub

    Digital Nomads Hub is an evolving Facebook for sharing digital nomad information, tips, and strategies by experienced digital nomads from all over the world. It is a public group where from beginners to professionals, there is something there for everyone.

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned are the best digital nomad groups on Facebook and Reddit that you can follow for latest digital nomad information. Socializing and interacting with other digital nomads can be very beneficial for you as you get an opportunity to gain experience, information, and connections.