4 Cool Digital Nomad Tools You Should Be Using as a Digital Nomad!

Working remotely from their favorite island or restaurant is a dream for many. The flexibility and easiness to work from their favorite remote destination, or even their homes, rather than working in a dull cubicle is palpable. Everything about digital nomadism is hunky-dory till digital nomads are able to do all the assignments before deadlines.

At a remote location, there can be a lot of factors that can cause trouble for the nomads. For example, the mobile data stops working, or they are unable to manage projects effectively, it can cause a considerable setback, affecting the income and overall experience of the digital nomad. Digital nomads can use specific tools and applications that allow them to simplify routine and enhance the overall experience.

The following is the list of Digital Nomad tools:

  • Express VPN

    To avoid censorship and interference, digital nomads can use Express VPN’s virtual private network. It allows you to access websites and applications that may be banned in the residing location. For example, due to geopolitical differences, some Chinese websites may be banned in the United States of America. Express VPN enables digital nomads to access the banned Chinese sites from the USA.

  • Go Fucking Work

    We tend to lose track of time while watching our favorite Netflix TV Show. Go Fucking Work is a google chrome extension that blocks time-wasting websites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. It makes it impossible for digital nomads to procrastinate until their priority work is done.

  • Talygen

    Managing and organizing projects remotely can be challenging. A project involves various activities that need to be tracked and monitored on a regular basis. Talygen helps digital nomads and remote workers manage multiple projects with unmatched easiness and convenience. It is supported by time tracking tools, screenshot monitoring, and so many other cool features.

  • Canva

    In a digital nomad’s life, there always comes a time when he is asked to create modern and stylish presentations, invitations, etc. For those moments, digital nomads can use Canva for creating powerful and effective invitations, reports, presentations, and so much more with eye-catching templates and animations.


Digital nomads can use the above-mentioned tools to simplify routine and enhance their digital nomadic experience.

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