7 Best and Must-Have Tools for Digital Nomads in 2022

There are a lot of remote work tools in today's digital nomad world. Unfortunately there is no single tool that provides everything, but rather complementary apps that each have their focus and combine perfectly with each other to form a complete remote working set-up for digital nomads across the world.

In 2022 the "best tool for . . ." question will be out of date. It will be replaced by the more specific question "What do you need help with?" and the answer to this will give you an overview about which apps are perfect for what purpose.

This blog article answers the basic question “What tools should I use as a digital nomad in 2022?”. With these 7 apps, you’ll have everything covered for your future nomadic lifestyle!

  • Google Drive + Docs / Sheets / Slides

    The one true cloud. Cloud storage is crucial to make transparent backups of all your important files – no matter if it’s an Excel sheet with your financial documents or travel photos from your latest trip. The suite of Google apps called Drive – which you’ll find in your Google account – offers convenient functionality including an office suite with Docs, Sheets and Slides.

  • Evernote + Pocket

    The second cornerstone is a note-taking app. The world’s leading solution for this is Evernote . It may be expensive to buy the Premium version up front, but it’s really worth the price (and you can always downgrade later if money is tight). The integration of Evernote with other apps like Pocket makes it incredibly powerful.

  • vDesk.works for Desktop Virtualization

    vDesk.works is the tool of choice for connecting your desktop to your cloud machine . It’s the perfect tool for creating a virtualized Windows desktop in the cloud on any device you own – and it works just as well on iOS as on Android or Windows. Once you’re used to having access to your working environment from everywhere, you’ll never want to miss it again.

  • Dropbox for Photos & Videos

    The world’s leading cloud service can be found in many digital nomad tool lists – and with good reason: the offline sync effortlessly works across all your devices and automatically creates a backup of any files you copy into your Dropbox folder. Whether they’re PDFs, DOCs, PDFs or JPEGs: they’re stored in the cloud and made accessible from every location you can get online.

  • Trello for Project Management

    Trello is a fantastic tool to manage your projects . Whether it’s a simple grocery list, an elaborate business concept or an IT project: Within Trello you can create lists and cards to keep track of your items. It’s simple, intuitive and perfect for digital nomads, who are always on the go.

  • Slack for Communication

    Slack is your communication hub . You’ll be communicating with remote teams and clients around the world – and whether you communicate via private groups or public channels: Slack is a fantastic tool for everyone to get a notification on their desktop or smartphone when new messages have been sent.

  • Zoom for Video Conferencing

    Zoom is the leading video conferencing app and offers both group and one-on-one calls . It’s perfect to hold a quick call with your business partners or friends when you’re on the road. With voice, text chat and video – including webcams built into computers by Apple (iSight) and Microsoft (LifeCam Studio/Cinema) – you’ll be part of meetings anywhere in the world.


The digital nomad world is moving fast. But if you use the tools mentioned in this blog article, you can keep up with changing trends and developments over the next few years – no matter where your home base may be!