DaaS for Digital Nomads: Worth it?

DaaS is a technology that is growing in popularity and for good reason. A cloud service where you can fully manage your own virtual computer is a powerful idea, and one that we will explore in this article.

DaaS: An Overview

DaaS or Desktop as a Service is a cloud computing platform that allows you to use your own virtual machine (VM) from any location, with or without an internet connection; there are no hardware-specific requirements. DaaS is a broad term, and can be split up into different categories: for example: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). DaaS is generally considered to be an umbrella term.

DaaS has many benefits for digital nomads, businesses, freelancers, or anyone else who works outside of an office environment. The ability to work remotely with all the same functions you would have in your home office is incredibly useful.

Benefits to Digital Nomads

Take your office where you go ! DaaS means that you can work from anywhere, not just the coffee shop or internet café down the street! Here are the top benefits of DaaS for digital nomads.

  • You Can Access Anywhere

    One of the first things you will notice about DaaS is that there are no hardware requirements. This means you can sign up for a DaaS service – such as Jungle Disk – and access your virtual computer from any location, without worrying about what type of system you are running. If you have spent time setting up your home office to run on a specific set of hardware, you don’t need to worry about making expensive upgrades.

  • Take Advantage of High RAM and CPU Speeds

    DaaS allows you to take full advantage of all the speed that your computer has! Using DaaS allows you to use a virtual computer which runs off of a server with high processing speeds and lots of RAM. You can enjoy all the benefits of a powerful computer, without worrying about it becoming outdated or buying new hardware.

  • DaaS means No Technical Hurdles

    If you have ever set up your own computer from scratch, you know that there are a lot of technical hurdles associated with this. You need to set up hardware, drivers, operating systems, etc., and it can often be a lot of work! DaaS cuts out all the technical difficulties by pre-installing an OS and any software you need on your virtual computer. All you have to do is sign in to your DaaS account and you can begin working.

  • DaaS is Secure

    When you use your own computer, there are a lot of security concerns that come into play; for example, keeping it updated and patched against viruses or malware. Since all data sent to and from your virtual computer is transmitted through the server (and not downloaded to your local system), this is a non-issue. Your data is more secure using DaaS than if you had your own computer and Wi-Fi connection!

  • DaaS Allows for Easy Collaboration on Documents

    When you work with your team remotely, it can be difficult to collaborate on large documents such as presentations or spreadsheets that contain a lot of information. DaaS allows you to not only work on these documents simultaneously, but also lets you save and share them easily with the whole team!

  • DaaS is Flexible

    One option that is often overlooked when choosing a workspace is flexibility. This refers to how long you will be working in your space; will you be there all day or just for a few hours? This means that you can have a dedicated workspace without having to worry about buying new hardware!


Getting the best possible work experience is all about taking advantage of the benefits you can gain from each situation. Using DaaS helps digital nomads to take their office with them wherever they go, and gives them plenty of speed and security along the way. There are no technical hurdles associated with using a virtual computer. A win-win for digital nomads everywhere!