How Remote Employee Monitoring Software Boost Productivity?

Working from home is a blessing for many professionals. For them, it doesn't matter how they will work as long as they can get the job done. Working from home is convenient, saves time and money in travel expenses, and improves the employee working environment in terms of stress.

In fact, more and more employees are being tapped to do their jobs remotely rather than at the office. The need of the hour is a remote employee monitoring software that can provide virtual employee monitoring. Such software offers an easy way to ensure the effectiveness of employees to get their jobs done from home.

Remote Employee Monitoring Software: An Introduction

Remote employee monitoring software offers the opportunity to monitor your employees’ phones to ensure they are doing their jobs right. This software is equipped with numerous features that enable you to monitor employees’ activities.

Modern cloud-based remote employee monitoring software is designed in a manner that can be installed on your employees’ smartphones without them having any idea about it. Once activated, the software will start gathering data and provide you with whatever information you need while staying hidden from the view of the employee.

Here are the top ways in which remote employee monitoring software can boost your employees’ productivity:

  • Know how your employees spend their time

    The software’s key features can help you track where and when your employees are accessing the internet or emailing others during work hours. This way, you will know whether your employee is working for real or not.

    The integrated time trackers can provide detailed reports and statistics regarding the time spent on certain websites. You can track time spent by them on particular tasks and projects. This can help you track which tasks and projects took more time than expected. This way, you will be able to deliver projects on time and avoid the risk of being penalized due to missed deadlines.

  • Analyze and Fix Loopholes in Your Productivity System

    The software allows you to closely monitor employees’ activities and offers a detailed analysis of their output. This can help you detect any loophole in your productivity system and fix it for better results. For example, if the project wasn’t completed within the required timeframe, the software will help you identify where the problem lies. You can then work on improving the productivity of your employees by devising a better way to get things done.

  • Centralized and Project-Based Communication

    The software will help you keep a record of all the communication that occurs between employees. This can be especially useful if they are working on a project together with other members. It will help you keep tabs on their conversations, discussions, and exchanges. This saves a lot of time and effort on your part as you won’t need to contact them in order to get the answers individually. This can also help you maintain better records of all communications that have taken place pertaining to a particular project.

  • Screenshot Tracking

    This feature can help you monitor screenshots that have been taken by your employees on their phones. The software will secretly track all the activities carried out on their mobile devices and collect data about them.

    Let’s say an employee is surfing inappropriate websites during work hours; the software will detect this activity and alert you. You can also keep track of all the time they spend on any particular website or application.


Boosting your remote employee monitoring software can help you take your business to the next level and compete with other companies. It is also important that you make sure to set reasonable limitations when it comes to monitoring employees’ activities. Otherwise, they might lose trust in management and result in a loss of morale on their part.

Find the best remote employee monitoring software and make the most of it in order to help you achieve your goals.