5 Apps for Traveling as a Digital Nomad in 2021

Digital nomads have a lot of freedom when it comes to traveling. They can work from anywhere, but they need the right tools for a nomadic lifestyle that makes them productive and happy.

Digital nomads have a lot of freedom when it comes to traveling. They can work from anywhere, but they need the right tools for a nomadic lifestyle that makes them productive and happy.

There is a huge misunderstanding when we will find tools for digital nomads: people think they are either always on the go or staying at one place where there are no connectivity issues. Yes, there are tools that will help you stay connected, but the real advantage of a traveling digital nomad is to have tools for when he or she is on the go. And similar to everything else in life: it all depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Here are the top 5 applications for traveling as a digital nomad in 2021:
  • Airstory

    For all the people who love reading on the train, in airplanes, and even at a café without being interrupted: Airstory is your perfect app.

    Think of it as an offline Instagram that brings together all the things you’ve read during your journey. It’s like creating a scrapbook or diary to remember everything you saw, learned, ate, and experienced.

    The scrolling feature reminds you of your favorite social media apps (Instagram, Twitter). There are beautiful photos, and you can like them. Airstory also has curated content that goes with the locations that the user chooses to add to their travel log.

    You should try it out in beta because there is a downloadable offline version, so you can use it from anywhere, anytime.

  • Calendly

    Calendly allows you to automatically book meetings with your clients. It’s like having a more sophisticated Google Calendar that you can share with anyone in the world through an invite link.

    The most exciting part is: you no longer have to worry about being on time and inconveniencing your client by making him wait even two minutes for your tardy arrival. This might not seem important, but as a digital nomad who travels and has clients in different time zones, it’s very important to have these tools.

    Calendly is like having your own virtual assistant who can suggest times that work best for both of you. There are options for meetings within the same day or next week, up to four weeks from now. You can also state your availability and times you prefer or don’t prefer.

  • Zoom

    Zoom is the leader in the video conferencing industry. It’s a great tool for your clients who don’t want to travel just to meet with you in person.

    Consider this: your client is from another state but still wants the services you provide. Zoom allows you to do that without spending time and money on traveling back and forth between the two locations.

    Zoom is perfect for virtual meetings with clients or partners. The quality of the sound, video, and screen sharing are comparable to face-to-face meetings. It’s also possible to mute your microphone if you need some privacy.

  • Mint

    Having a hard time managing your finances? Especially when you work with clients operating in different time zones and you are constantly on the move? Mint has partnered with a couple of financial institutions to help digital nomads track their finances.

    With one login, it’s possible to see your banking accounts from all over the world without having to go through several apps or websites. Mint also makes it possible for users to see their credit scores, track expenses, and get personalized advice on how to improve their finances.

    And the best part is: all of these features are available in one app without having to download individual apps for each bank or service provider that you use.

  • Airbnb

    Airbnb is all about connecting hosts and travelers in a more personal way. It’s about going beyond the physical room and making it possible for hosts to give guests an experience that they will never forget.

    That is why Airbnb has partnered with some of the best chefs around the world so users can take cooking classes from them via video chat while staying at their place.


Here ends another guide for digital nomads. With this, we look forward to creating more tips and tricks that travelers can use during their journey. Please feel free to ask queries or comments below. We’d love to hear what you think!