5 Essential Apps for New Digital Nomads in 2021

There are a number of digital nomads currently living the dream life in tropical paradises around the world, and their numbers are exploding. They've made a conscious decision to travel the world and work from anywhere, thanks to cellular technology advancements.

However, this new lifestyle isn’t without its downsides: it’s difficult to find your way around town if you can’t speak the language, it’s dangerous to be on the road without a local guide, and expensive to stay connected when you’re renting an apartment.

There is an unaddressed need in this new nomadic lifestyle: good resources for finding apartments and hanging out with other digital nomads who are looking to get stuff done! Fortunately, some tech guys have stepped up and are attempting to fill these holes.

The following apps aren’t new, but they’re not well known yet either. They’ve been around for a while, but their usefulness is growing as more digital nomads join the ranks. You may want to check them out if you plan on joining the lifestyle in the near future.

  • vDesk.works’ Virtual Desktop Solution

    This is a virtual desktop solution. In other words, you can access your computer from a phone, tablet or any other wifi-connected device. vDesk.works’ VDI and DaaS solution is simple and allows you to access your computer from any device, anywhere. Any files you save in vDesk can automatically sync with your computer at home or the office so that everything is up to date on all of your devices.

    This secure and scalable solution is a win-win for everyone. If you’re a remote worker, this app could really benefit your business by allowing you to work from anywhere at anytime. On the other hand, if you own an SMB and have employees who need to access their files from outside of the office, this is also perfect for you!.

  • Worldpackers

    This is a new and innovative app that connects digital nomads with locals who want to show off their home town. Worldpackers allows you to view more than 50,000 unique experiences offered by local hosts in over 150 countries around the world! Hosts are verified, ensuring a safe and hassle-free experience for all travelers.

    The price is a very reasonable , and the experience is priceless. By showing you around, locals get to practice their language skills and earn some extra income, while you benefit by having an authentic travel experience. You can even find some cool places to crash at night if your new friend doesn’t have room for you in his or her home.

  • Points.com

    This is a website that allows you to book hotels, flights, cruises and rental cars using points. This app makes it possible for those who hoard loyalty reward points from credit cards to finally use them.

    You just enter in your hotel/flight info into the system and Points will tell you how many loyalty reward points that are needed to cover the cost of your trip. Then you can redeem the points to cover the costs, and start planning your next trip!

  • Safety Wing

    Safety Wing is an agreement between digital nomads and locals in a destination who are willing to keep tabs on each other. It can be useful for solo travelers or those who don’t know anyone in their destination, but still want the ability to communicate with someone.

    When you sign up for SafetyWing, you create your profile like any normal social networking site, and list your skills. You can then search for a local who has similar skills that you’d like to practice while in your destination. By reaching out to someone with the same interests as you have, there’s more opportunities for practicing the language, learning about local customs, exploring the city together or just hanging out!

  • CouchSurfing

    This is an old standby among digital nomads, but still one of the best resources when looking to save money and have fun doing it. CouchSurfing provides a platform for travelers to find and stay with locals in their destination – giving you the opportunity to get off of the beaten track and see things from a local’s perspective. There’s much more to do and see in a city when you’re not limited to the touristy areas.

    CouchSurfing also has events planned around the world, so if you need some place to crash or are interested in meeting up with other members of the community, there’s plenty going on. And it’s completely free!

Wrapping it Up

Digital nomads are all about an independent and flexible lifestyle. They want to travel where they want, when they want, while still being able to make money and work from wherever there’s a wifi connection. These 5 apps are perfect for anyone looking to boost their productivity and mobility while taking a break from the confines of office walls.