Powerful Work & Travel Apps that Digital Nomads Love

A digital nomad works remotely and can travel the world while working. When digital nomads use technology while working and traveling, they can maximize their efficiency and productivity. It helps them save money time and deliver better results at the same time. An effective suite of apps can make their life easier, help them stay fitter, and much more.

Following are the most loved work and travel applications for digital nomads.

  • Revolut

    Revolut helps international travelers to exchange currencies on its user-friendly platform. One can create sub-accounts or may have money in different currencies. It charges minimal exchange fees with a mere 0.5% markup fee.

  • Stitcher

    Sticher has an intuitive design that can be run on multiple devices and platforms. It is a one-stop solution for people who love listening to podcasts. It has some brilliant collections of podcasts for digital nomads.

  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is an excellent platform for digital nomads to stay connected with their friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Also, it helps digital nomads to search for job opportunities.

  • Aaptiv

    Aaptiv is a fitness application that helps you stay fit while traveling. It offers audio workout lessons and is designed by professional trainers. By following Aaptiv lessons, one doesn’t need to hit the gym while traveling.

  • Triplt

    Triplt is a must-have app among the disorganized types. It enables you to organize your flight bookings, hotel reservations, bus tickets, etc., in a single comprehensive platform.

Bottom Line

Every digital nomad uses a set of tools and software that helps them manage or automate their activities. Influential travel and work apps enhance one’s experience and deliver better results.

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