Top 5 Completely Free Apps for Working Remotely While Traveling

Working from the road doesn't have to be complicated. Also, when you are on a tight budget, you don't want to spend any money on apps. So here are our Top 5 free apps for working remotely how to accomplish it in the easiest way possible:
  • WiFi Map: Free WiFi Near You

    While being on the road you need internet connection. Mainly to work, but also for fun and communication with friends or family members back home. But as you don’t have a fixed office anymore, it is more difficult to find free WiFI hotspots so you can work from them without spending money.

    We recommend the WiFi Map app because it shows free WiFi hotspots near your actual location. You don’t need to search for them before leaving home anymore, because you can find WiFi hotspots wherever you are, ready to use. The app is completely free and it works offline so you do not need a mobile internet connection!

  • Slack: Collaborate Easily from Anywhere

    Slack is just another free way to collaborate with your team or colleagues. But it’s completely free, even if you’re in different timezones. So you don’t need to worry about monthly costs anymore!

    It allows you to create teams, discuss with your team members and manage projects. You can communicate with anyone and share files. The best thing is that it’s available on your laptop, iPhone or Android phone.

  • Evernote: No More Paper Notes

    Evernote is one of the best note-taking apps you can find. It’s completely free and available on every phone or laptop out there. You can even create notes offline, if you need to do some research when your internet connection is slow or not available.

    You can write down anything you want, make lists for groceries or necessary things before leaving your accommodation for a day, take photos of receipts and organize them in your notes or add voice memos. And everything is available on all your devices!

  • Google Translate: Communicate with the Locals

    Google Translate app comes in really handy when you’re traveling to countries where people speak other languages than English (or maybe not even that one). You can translate anything you want into any language and leave the rest to your phone.

    So you don’t need to waste time looking for a translator in order to communicate with people around you or in order to understand written notes on menus at restaurants. All those things can be done much easier by using this app!

  • Work From: Find Friendly Working Areas Near You

    Remote workers are always searching for friendly and cozy places to work from. Because working at home can be a little bit boring after some time. By looking at your location on the map, Work From determines where you are right now and shows you all working areas close to you. You get a list of cafés or bars where you can sit down with your laptop and work during the day. If you travel to a new city, this app might be really helpful, because it shows places with free WiFi near your current location!


So congratulations, you now know the best apps of 2019 for working remotely on the road. For more interesting stuff about digital nomads and everything else, check out our blog!