Top Travel Apps for International Digital Nomads

Digital nomads on their expedition, can face several minor roadblocks that can cost them money, time, or energy. By having the important tools and applications on their side, they can enhance their digital nomad experience.

Below are the top 4 apps that international digital nomads must have:

  • Skyscanner

    Coronavirus information and travel advice are constantly changing, and it can make it hard for you to keep up with the facts that are most relevant to your travel plans. Skyscanner helps you to avail the best deals on flights, hotels, holiday packages, and car hires. Digital nomads can book your whole trip in one app and even suggests activities that you can do at your destination. It is a perfect platform to compare prices between the hotel, flight, etc.

  • Seven

    Are you away from home and feel the need to work out? Seven is an award-winning everyday fitness application that consists of a large exercise library. The exercise modules are pretty fun and easy to follow, and most of them don’t require equipment. The best part about the application is that you can create custom workouts tailored according to your preferences.

  • Headspace

    It is pretty standard for digital nomads and other frequent travelers to hit bottom or feel stressed out due to workload. Headspace, like the title suggests, helps you to deal with stress and anxiety by practicing meditation. Rather than enrolling in expensive meditation or yoga centers, you can practice meditation from anywhere by listening and following instructions on Headspace app. Additionally, it allows you to put soothing, relaxing music to help you sleep better.

  • Talygen

    Ever felt you’re overspending or unable to keep track of expenses? Don’t worry; Talygen’s expense tracking solution is here for your rescue. The tool lets you keep tabs on all the monetary aspects, whether you’re working locally or remotely. By doing so, you can start saving money, eliminate unnecessary costs, and prepare well for tax season. It is also instrumental in curbing impulsive spending, avoid debt, and more.

Bottom Line

The apps mentioned above can come in handy for digital nomads and other seasoned travelers. All these apps are either budget-friendly or totally free of cost so that you don’t have to compromise on your budget. Check these apps/software out to make your location’s independent lifestyle much more accessible.